Keeping residents informed

one of the important roles for a local councillor is to make sure as many residents as possible hear what’s going on, get the opportunity to contribute their views to local decisions, and know what changes are underway locally.

That’s why every month my colleague Fi and I are delighted to be able to contribute a column in local magazines and take the trouble to draft news updates for readers about what’s going on in the ward and beyond. we also periodically send out an e-newsletter to everyone who’s given us their email through correspondence and case work.

Recent items are being added below, with older ones being uploaded when we can to create an archive.

May 2016

Dear all,

You are being sent this email because you have shown an interest in matters relating to Redland ward.  If you no longer wish to receive such updates please let me know and accept my apologies.


In response to long standing complaints about diesel fumes form the ice cream van, Redland Green Community Association have proposed installing a power and water supply near the play area.  This is a great idea and one that has worked very well in St Andrews Park.  Martin and I are looking forward to working with the Group to help obtain the funds to make this a reality.  Also, a big well done and thank you to all those who worked so hard on the Redland May Fair yesterday.  Once the rain stopped it was positively idyllic!

We’re delighted to see that our requests for extra signage and wooden posts on the Green to deter inconsiderate parking have been acted on within reasonably short order form a somewhat hard pressed Parks department

A trial that ends the use of Glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide is taking place in St Andrews Park in response to concerns about its safety. The trial ends application of the herbicide but not use any other method of weed treatment on paths etc. There has been some rather odd coverage of this on national radio concerning complaints over the smell of vinegar (being used as a replacement in some other areas)– not something that I’ve been made aware of but happy to stand corrected if so!  We’ve also been made aware that the park trial could affect the flower features and this will need to be looked at. Since the park will become part of Ashley ward this will need to involve the new Councillors there. Work is also carrying on apace for the new baby changing facilities in the loos so well done to all who worked towards this.  Mickey has also been filling the paddling pool so that’s back in use.  Yippee!

One tree per child

An astonishing 39,000 trees have been planted by primary school children in Bristol taking part in this fantastic project.  Daniella and Fi were up on the downs with children planting beech trees to celebrate recently and discovered that the idea is being taken up across the country and also overseas in Ghana through local charity Tree Aid.  Inspiring stuff!

Residents parking news

Further unexplained delays mean that the Traffic regulation Order that was due in April has still failed to materialise.  This is obviously very frustrating for many and we have been chasing it up with officers.  Just to reiterate, there are no other schemes proposed in our area yet other than the existing proposal to expand into a few roads on either side of the north of Redland Road, along with some provision for Kersteman Road allotment holders.  Any further schemes will be in the hands of the Mayor after the election, although this will hopefully be informed by resident wishes.

Bus service changes

Be aware that the timetables for the 70,71, 73, 75 and 76 have all changed with a five minute reductions in off-peak frequency. This is due to the university holidays so should only last until October.

Bristol North Baths redevelopment

Additional funds have now been agreed by Cabinet to allow this project to progress.  Its worth pointing out that we have been repeatedly reassured that the Council will not be out of pocket as all funds will be recouped through the sale of the flats both on the Bristol North site and the development of old Cheltenham road library.  Any profit is due to be ringfenced for social housing.

One thing that has continually frustrated all of us however is the dismal public communication on this project which both Martin and I have highlighted on numerous occasions.  At Cabinet Martin also asked for a review of the whole scheme once it is finally finished so that the same mistakes aren’t made again and we’ve been assured that one will take place.  We have also been promised monthly updates.

On the plus side, people are being asked for input into shaping the new library.  There will be  a drop in session from 11-5 at the Cheltenham Road library site on May 27th along with a “wish tree” and suggestion box for those with ideas on what they would like to see and do there.

Forecourt cycle stands

Requests are being sought by the Neighbourhood partnership for free cycle stands to place on forecourts accessible to the public. Any business or organisation with a public area where visitors might need cycle stands is requested to contact the partnership via The stands will be free but fixing will be the responsibility of the organisation.

Highways issues

In response to concerns over speeding traffic on the Halsbury / Cairns Road junction, a scheme has been proposed and consulted on – the results can be found here. has been secured for this through the Neighbourhood partnership Sustainable transport group. and officers  will shortly be sending out an update to everyone who responded to the public consultation.

Redland school expansion

You may have heard that extra provision is currently under construction for an additional class at Redland Green School to cope with the increasing numbers of children in the area.  Pressure on places looks set to continue, however, Martin and I have asked the Mayor and the Service Director for education and skills to look into the possibility of purchasing some of the Redland High School site once it merges with Red Maids.  We’ve been assured that this options will be looked into.

Elections and Changes to Ward Boundaries

Don’t forget to vote on Thursday!  There have been significant changes to ward boundaries and there are also a number of changes to polling stations, so do check your polling card if you have it or look online at  If you don’t have your polling card to hand you can still vote.

Bear in mind that this time round all councillors are up for election so depending on where you live you may have two or three votes.  Mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections are run using the supplementary vote system so you have a first and second preference vote to cast.


All the best from us both. 

Fi Hance                                                                                               Martin Fodor

Green Party Councillor for Redland Ward                              Green Party Councillor for Redland Ward

Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods (job share)

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