Policies and Priorities

The Green Party has local, citywide, national and European policies.

As a member  I can shape these and as a democratic and participatory party I am not told what to say or told how to vote: I can act according to the need of this area I seek to represent and according to my conscience.
I got involved as I support the Green Party having policies that connect these interlinked themes:
  • ecological sustainability
  • social justice and greater equality
  • local democracy and greater participation in the decisions that affect us.

The 2021 Mayoral and Full Council Elections

New polices and priorities for the city will be developed and announced in the run up to the next city elections.  Watch http://www.bristolgreenparty.org.uk  and sandy4mayor.co.uk for details.

Policies from previous elections are below:

Mayoral Election, 2016 

In 2016 we are focussing mainly on citywide policies we’d like to see implemented by a Green Mayor. Here’s a link to the ten headline priorities for our Candidate Tony Dyer standing to be Mayor of Bristol:


Locally, our Green priorities for Redland include:

  • continued support for our local traders and high streets;
  • encouraging safer streets for all through traffic calming, safety schemes, and highway improvements (via the Sustainable Travel Working Group for the neighbourhood);
  • pressing for ALL local views on the Mayor’s Residents’ Parking Scheme to be taken into account – at the street-by-street level so any new proposals are shaped to work for residents ands traders;
  • acting quickly to deal with litter and waste issues;
  • keeping people informed of progress with the Bristol North Baths redevelopment.

Our Green policies for the city:

  • Integrated, affordable, reliable public transport system
  • Making our homes warmer and fit for the future with home insulation initiatives, and investment in renewable energy
  • Reduce waste and consumption; by helping people reuse and repair more
  • Secure, affordable housing for all tenants and buyers
  • A strong local economy, successful high streets; more ways for local businesses to win council contracts
  • High quality local state school place available for every child
  • Making Neighbourhood Partnerships more representative of communities and able to manage more local services and facilities
  • Decision making for local people by local people
  • Partnership working and collaboration to benefit the local economy, community, and environment.
  • Making the most of Bristol being European Green Capital 2015 by getting lasting, positive change for the whole city

To read more please visit or download:

Bristol Green Party – policies for Bristol:

Green Party National Policies:

And at the European level we have a common manifesto with other Greens

The Young Greens have developed their own Youth Manifesto:


Contact me to discuss any of these  issues or to suggest topics we need to focus on.


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