What makes us Well?

We spend so much time locally debating new projects, services, or developments. They are meant to be a good thing of course. But will they will improve our well-being?

Enjoying our green spaces and places adds to health and well-being in Redland

I visited a recent Health and Well-being awareness day organised by Bristol MultiFaith Forum. It helped remind me of the more basic things that affect our well-being and how this matters to so many of us as we get by, day to day. Continue reading What makes us Well?

Good news over breakfast

Fairtrade breakfast
my pledge to support Fairtrade – taken on a new Fairphone thanks to Roger James http://www.fairphone.com/

One of the features of being committed to positive campaigning is the way a landmark can reveal how much we’ve really changed thing for the better. Twenty years on from the launch of the Fairtrade Mark it was wonderful to hear good news about what’s been achieved over the years.

From small beginnings, and a handful of products, there are now numerous brands, big and small, committed to offering a better deal to the producers of our food  and drinks.
With Bristol having Fairtrade City status there’s  a lot going on in our city, in schools, large organisations, and the retail sector Continue reading Good news over breakfast

My statement to the Council’s Budget Meeting

ImageHere’s the text of my statement to the Council’s Budget Meeting on February 18th.

Statement from Martin Fodor, Green Party candidate for Redland Ward, to the Budget meeting of the Council:

The proposed budget reflects the massive and unprecendented cuts being imposed by the Coalition Central Government. They control most local spending and finances and are forcing cuts of around 1/4 across our local Government through their rules.  Continue reading My statement to the Council’s Budget Meeting

Transports of Delight

One of the themes of local campaigning and Green politics is of course transport issues. The city is widely recognised for its clogged and polluted, vehicle-focussed transport system. Many years of initiatives have brought some limited improvements, though it’s taken many years: bus priorities, some cycle instrastructure, and a few more pedestrian priorities. I’ve lost track of how slowly these have been achieved! So an invitation to attend and speak at the Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FOSBR) AGM recently was very interesting.  Continue reading Transports of Delight

Cold comfort from a hot topic this winter

This winter has not been as cold, so far, as the previous one, but one of Running a hands-on workshop about home insulationthe hottest topics in the media has been energy bills and related issues. The rapidly inflating prices and excess profits of the big six energy companies have been hard to ignore.  The majority of us in Redland ward, living in a historic city like Bristol, have the character but disadvantage of  traditional, solid walled, draughty homes  that are both ‘hard to heat’ and ‘hard to treat.’ So what can we do about it?

Continue reading Cold comfort from a hot topic this winter

Why I’m pleased to stand again in Redland

On Gloucester RoadLast year, as a local Green and resident of Redland ward I was pleased to be asked to stand in my local ward. This was both an honour and a responsibility; the campaign, though modest, required me to prepare an election statement, a web page, and ensure we leafletted the ward as thoroughly as possible. In addition I dealt with queries from members of the public who wanted to discuss our policies and my stance on several issues. I was then asked by Bristol Women’s Voice on behalf of Woman in Bristol for a response to their questions, too. We also held some stalls and an event in the ward. I was mainly busy with our successful campaign to get my colleague Daniella Radice elected in neighbouring Bishopston. Continue reading Why I’m pleased to stand again in Redland

Pleased to meet you.

martinI’m delighted to introduce myself to you as the Green Party candidate for Redland for the Bristol City Council Elections in May 2014.

The Green vote in Redland is rising and last May Greens won seats in Bishopston and Ashely, two neighbouring wards. We’re a growing influence on the council.
Last year, we came second in the ward, and with just another two votes in each road or block of flats we’ll win. This year, with your support,  we shall represent the community in Redland!
I stood last year as I’m already very active in the area and as a resident of the ward I am committed to protecting what’s best and improving what can be made better in the area. I’ll be blogging about some of the projects I’m involved in soon, and commenting on issues raised by local people or coming up in the next few months. I look forward to feedback from residents as I visit electors and take part in the life of the ward.

I hope to meet you all in due course. Do get in touch if you have any questions. Contact details are on the site and I promise to read and reply as soon as I can.