Now we are 13, no 14!

Election night was a mixed experience. Despite bad news nationally for the country, we had a very successful election day here in Bristol. I’ve been delighted that our six strong group on the council became 13 strong and the 3rd largest Group. We won 8 local ward elections across the city, with one hold, on an increased majority, and 7 gains across the city from two other parties. We’re therefore well on course to become the 2nd largest group in a year.…/green-surge-in-bristol-local-co… At the same time we gained a 23% swing in Bristol West, the Parliamentary seat for this ward. A really good result to increase our vote share by 23% (percentage points) – almost a new national record swing! We also increased our vote by 9% in Bristol South, by 6.5% in Bristol East, and by 4.5% in Bristol North-West. It was not enough to win it a seat but evidence of the amazing suport we have gained. And no sooner had the Green Group grown from 6 to 13 elected councillors in Bristol, than we grew to 14 through a defection! Our Group was delighted to agree unanimously to welcome my fellow Redland Cllr Fi Hance to the Bristol City Council Green Group; now we are 14 strong! Fi resigned from the LibDem group, joined the Green Party and applied to our Group. This is not a foregone conclusions; we have a process to go through to ensure only suitable members become Greens. But with Fi our view was unanimous and all our 13 Cllrs supported her application. I am happy to say she’s an excellent ward councillor (mine!) and great addition to our growing Green Group team.


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