Investing in the Future

It’s very rare for the Green Group to be guaranteed time for a Full Council debate on any issue. We take a turn a couple of times a year, and the choice of topic is of course a much contested one among the group. I was therefore delighted to be supported when I advocated choosing the future shape of our city’s economy as influenced by the local government pension fund.

Our economy can help create our future, and our savings can stimulate the economy. That’s why I developed a motion for the council to influence the investments of the Avon Pension Fund, specifically to get funds shifted into positive, future sectors and away from the damaging fossil fuels that are undermining out climate. Continue reading Investing in the Future

Why 20’s Plenty for the people of Bristol

A petition was brought to Full Council recentlyCity of Bristol-20160808-00073
asking to remove 20mph limits in the city.
I spoke out against it

– ie in defence of our limits – why does this matter? I made a number of comments there, mainly drawn from these points below.

It’s also significant to clarify that we do not have 20mph Zones in most of the city (with a couple of localised exceptions); only 20mph speed limits are in place – very few areas are provided with physical treatment to curb speeds that would create effective zones.

Continue reading Why 20’s Plenty for the people of Bristol

Calling in Digital Billboards

The new council year has started with two Call-Ins of recent decisions by the Mayor. One was instigated by the Green Group. A successful Call In gets a poorly made decision referred to the Full Council for debate by all city councillors where the process that’s been challenged can be revisited and the principle underlying the decision as well. So what did we object to and why?  Continue reading Calling in Digital Billboards

Working for local residents in the ward

Case work is, as previously stated, a key role for local councillors.

Often this is a matter of helping people through the system; frequently it’s about unblocking delays to getting action or sorting an issue out.

Reviewing the first half year of my time as a councillor, I discovered just how many residents  I’d been contacted by. Continue reading Working for local residents in the ward